Why I Wrote My Memoir


This memoir is composed of letters to my husband, Lou. It is written in letter format because I felt comfortable in expressing myself to him in writing. He was always sending me romantic cards and love notes and writing romantic poems to me. It all seemed so natural to do it this way.

I needed to write this memoir because it was very therapeutic, a relief in a way, and emotionally purifying. With the complexity of our affair and all the experiences we encountered, I needed to analyze, understand and confess how I really felt about what we did to our families. Was I looking for redemption or atonement while writing this memoir? I don’t know. Would I do it all over again?

A resounding “yes” because I treasured our life together and the happiness we shared. Whether the children will read this book because they lived it remains to be seen.

I always used to tell my husband that I wanted to bottle forever. He always said there is no such thing as forever. Now with our after-death communications with each other, I know there is a forever.