2018 Purple Dragonfly Awards

Hello all!  It’s been awhile since I put a post on. To catch up a little I do quite a few arts and crafts festivals on Cape Cod. Starting in June and go through the beginning of December.  I  do book signings , book talks and story time at schools. I even go off Cape but not too often. My favorite place, off Cape, is Enchanted Passage Bookstore (It’s really a big house with magical rooms filled with books and all kinds of wonderful sights to see). It’s in Sutton, Ma. I’ve been there several times and am invited back again. I feel like a child when I’m there. My great grandson, Brayden, the main character of all my books, loves it there. He does a lot of pretending especially in the pirate’s room. Hopefully I’ll get to finish my 4th book about pirates and Brayden’s adventure with them.

The very good news is that I just won 3 certificates of Excellence in Children’s Literature from the Purple Dragonfly Award Contest for ALL THREE of my children’s books in the picture book category for ages 5 and under. Even tho my books can go up to age 7 as Brayden is 6 years old in the book. Their over 6 catagory went to high in age.

You can buy my books on Amazon.com; Barnes and Noble.com but if you love to go to bookstores I am in bookstores in Brewster, Orleans, Chatham, Sandwich, Centerville, Hyannis, Mashpee Commons, Dennis and Sutton, Ma. The books are also at Cape Cod Beer Company in Hyannis and Card Smart in South Yarmouth. Please go in browse through them. Wonderful presents for your children your family’s children and friends children as well. Grandparents love buying them for their grandchildren. If you come to one of my craft fairs I give out a pair of magic glasses (Yes, they turn green and glow in the dark) free with each book. Hope to see some of you there. I advertise mostly on facebook.

This weekend I will be at the 43rd Brooks Park Arts and Crafts Festival in Harwich Center Saturday August 11th and Sunday August 12th from 9am to 4pm.

My three books Brayden’s Magical Journey  Series : Brayden’s Magical Jungle; Brayden’s Magical carousel Horse and Brayden’s Magical Forest can be seen on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com. Also on my publisher’s web site. SDPPublishingSolutions.

Let’s keep the magic going on the little ones faces.

Brayden’s Magical Journey Series Books

Sorry for not writing any posts it seems like ages. So-o-o much has happened since my last post. My last post was when my first children’s book came out. Brayden’s Magical Jungle, July 2015. My second book, Brayden’s Magical Carousel Horse came out in January 2016 and now my third children’s book, Brayden’s Magical Forest just this past month, December, 2016.You can find them all on Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble.com. Or go on to SDPpublishing.com.

Spent all of spring, summer, and fall doing craft fairs, speaking at libraries and other venues. I’m taking a break for a few months and will start all over again come April.  These books are for ages 2-8 years old. In the first book Brayden finds these green sunglasses and soon learns they are magic and take him on magical journeys. The first one is a magical jungle where all his stuffed animals become alive. When he returns after taking his glasses off he finds that time has not elapsed so he hides the glasses.  In the second book he visits his great nana’s house and gets on a carousel horse in the family room. When he puts on his magic glasses he is transported to an all kids circus world and finds himself on a real horse in a three ring circus.  His mother discovers the glasses when he returns. He tells her the entire story but she thinks he just has a vivid imagination and doesn’t believe him. he is happy about that. In the third book he is transported to a magic forest where he meets a princess warrior who needs his help to find princess Sophie who has run away from the palace to go visit her forest friends in happy Hollow. A friendly dragon takes them there where they find her dancing with leprechauns, fairies, elves and a unicorn.

I’m working on my fourth book, Brayden’s Magical Pirate Ship.

Please visit  the above sites and take a look at all the books

Till the next time


The first of my  series of Brayden’s Magical Journey Children’s Books, “Brayden’s Magical Jungle”,  is out on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and SDP Publishing Solutions web site. It tells the story of six year old Brayden, (who incidentally is my great grandson,) loves playing with his stuffed animals. He dreams of living in the jungle with his animal friends. One day Brayden finds a pair of green sunglasses while playing outside, and quickly discovers they are no ordinary sunglasses. As he puts them on, he is transported to a magical jungle! Young readers (2-7 years old) will be transported to the depths of a tropical land where adventure and excitement of the wild awaits.  Anyone interested in purchasing my book from me will get free a pair of glow in the dark magic glasses.

E-mail address anlocar@aol.com

Definition of a Blog

The definition of a Blog according to Webster’s Dictionary is “Frequently updated personal journey chronicling links at a website intended for public viewing.”  Why would one do this? “To let others know of one’s personal triumphs, important events, past and present, and noteworthy stories.

So here goes: Last march my memoir, “As Ever, Pudd”, A Love Story That Never Ends Told in Letters, was published and means exactly what the title conveys. It is the theme throughout the book. It’s a love story that will last forever. It reveals the love and joy we shared together in our 25 1/2 year marriage. It was “our happily ever after”. However, at the beginning, our love was not without a cost. it was an “emotional heart-wrenching journey” resulting in the “immeasurable pain, anger, sorrow and betrayal of our first marriage vows. You see, we were married for a total of 50 years between us, to other spouses and there were eleven children between us. You will travel with us down a path that changed “our” lives forever, the lives of the thirteen people we were responsible for tearing apart and the fear of losing it all.

However our happily ever after ended with his death. I go on to describe one’s grief and sorrow on losing a loved one and becoming a widow to then explaining the “social”  aspects of widowhood. What happens when you are not a couple any more? How do your friends see you?  I go on to explain my  after life communications, with my husband, which allow me to be connected to him, in spirit. These communications became our Dance between Heaven and Earth.

My book is perfect for persons who have been in unforeseen circumstances that gave them the chance to receive and absorb new love. To widows who have lost their spouse and have had a life changing experience, socially and to those who have experienced after life communications which proves that love lives on forever.

My book is on Amazon.com in  paperback and kindle as well as on Barnes and Noble.com. and SDP Publishing Co..com If you read this and know me I have books and can personally autograph them for you.

Author Events

Turnout at Brewster Ladies Library on May 28th was a success. Sixteen people showed up . Great question and answer period. Books were sold.  Refreshments were my famous homemade chocolate chip cookies.

Saturday, May 31st,  I will be at the Cape Cod Writers Center Arts Shanty , Bismore Park, Ocean Street, Hyannis from 11:00- 2pm. Shanty #1 to sell my memoir, “As ever, Pudd” I will be there with Barbara Struna and her book “The Old Cape house”

See you all there.