Brayden’s Magical Journey Series Books

Sorry for not writing any posts it seems like ages. So-o-o much has happened since my last post. My last post was when my first children’s book came out. Brayden’s Magical Jungle, July 2015. My second book, Brayden’s Magical Carousel Horse came out in January 2016 and now my third children’s book, Brayden’s Magical Forest just this past month, December, 2016.You can find them all on and Barnes and Or go on to

Spent all of spring, summer, and fall doing craft fairs, speaking at libraries and other venues. I’m taking a break for a few months and will start all over again come April.  These books are for ages 2-8 years old. In the first book Brayden finds these green sunglasses and soon learns they are magic and take him on magical journeys. The first one is a magical jungle where all his stuffed animals become alive. When he returns after taking his glasses off he finds that time has not elapsed so he hides the glasses.  In the second book he visits his great nana’s house and gets on a carousel horse in the family room. When he puts on his magic glasses he is transported to an all kids circus world and finds himself on a real horse in a three ring circus.  His mother discovers the glasses when he returns. He tells her the entire story but she thinks he just has a vivid imagination and doesn’t believe him. he is happy about that. In the third book he is transported to a magic forest where he meets a princess warrior who needs his help to find princess Sophie who has run away from the palace to go visit her forest friends in happy Hollow. A friendly dragon takes them there where they find her dancing with leprechauns, fairies, elves and a unicorn.

I’m working on my fourth book, Brayden’s Magical Pirate Ship.

Please visit  the above sites and take a look at all the books

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