Definition of a Blog

The definition of a Blog according to Webster’s Dictionary is “Frequently updated personal journey chronicling links at a website intended for public viewing.”  Why would one do this? “To let others know of one’s personal triumphs, important events, past and present, and noteworthy stories.

So here goes: Last march my memoir, “As Ever, Pudd”, A Love Story That Never Ends Told in Letters, was published and means exactly what the title conveys. It is the theme throughout the book. It’s a love story that will last forever. It reveals the love and joy we shared together in our 25 1/2 year marriage. It was “our happily ever after”. However, at the beginning, our love was not without a cost. it was an “emotional heart-wrenching journey” resulting in the “immeasurable pain, anger, sorrow and betrayal of our first marriage vows. You see, we were married for a total of 50 years between us, to other spouses and there were eleven children between us. You will travel with us down a path that changed “our” lives forever, the lives of the thirteen people we were responsible for tearing apart and the fear of losing it all.

However our happily ever after ended with his death. I go on to describe one’s grief and sorrow on losing a loved one and becoming a widow to then explaining the “social”  aspects of widowhood. What happens when you are not a couple any more? How do your friends see you?  I go on to explain my  after life communications, with my husband, which allow me to be connected to him, in spirit. These communications became our Dance between Heaven and Earth.

My book is perfect for persons who have been in unforeseen circumstances that gave them the chance to receive and absorb new love. To widows who have lost their spouse and have had a life changing experience, socially and to those who have experienced after life communications which proves that love lives on forever.

My book is on in  paperback and kindle as well as on Barnes and and SDP Publishing If you read this and know me I have books and can personally autograph them for you.

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