Identity Crisis

I read once in a magazine, someone’s definition of widowhood. “That we are invisible women secluded or excluded.” I would imagine that depends upon the widow, how she deals with her grief, what her age is, her personality, her family and friends, and perhaps later on, dating again. One description in Webster’s dictionary, I found interesting, was that of “a woman left behind.” That didn’t sound too good. It’s like your spouse had abandoned you.

The first time I had to fill out a medical form and indicate with an X, my marital status in that little square box, I cringed. Legally, I’m single, but I didn’t consider that an option. Depending on how I felt that day I was filling them out asking for my marital status, I might have said “married” or indicate the box, “other” and write in the word widow. Maybe not use the word widow but “lost my husband.” I guess that’s as bad as woman left behind. They’ll think your spouse decided to get lost and not come back.

Are there others of you who have had this identity problem? Love to hear from you

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