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Brayden's Magical Pirate Ship Adventure:

Book 4 in the Brayden's Magical Journey ... by Anita A. Caruso Genre: Fiction Preceded by: Brayden's Magical Forest: Book 3 in the Brayden's Magical Journey Series Brayden is happily playing pirate in an old boat in his great-nana's backyard one day, when he puts on his magical green sunglasses and decides to see if he can become a real pirate! Yaar! In Brayden's Magical Pirate Ship Adventure, readers join Brayden as they take a fantastic, high-flying journey to find buried treasure with real pirates, like him, and have a swashbuckling good time! As with all of the titles in the Brayden's Magical Journey Series, readers are encouraged to use their own imaginations and take part in fun and fantastic stories. Be on the lookout for Brayden's fifth book, Brayden's Magical North Pole Christmas, as he puts on his magic glasses and finds himself in Santa's Village.